AYQON Executive Committee Meeting No.1/0219 and 2019 AYQON Forum & Roundtable Meeting On 27 – 29 November 2019 | Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC) successfully organized the Executive Committee Meeting (ECM) of AYQON as its 1/2019 and the 2019 AYQON Forum and Roundtable Meeting on 27 – 29 November 2019 at Angkor Paradise Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The ECM was attended by executive committee members and advisor namely Mr. Mohd Zefli Ghaus Mohamed (the President of AYQON) from Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), Mr. Tep Neavea from Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC), Ms. Denisa Rufiana from National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (NAAHE),
Ms. Nualsupak Phunsap (Secretary) from Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA), Prof. Zita Mohd Fahmi (Advisor) and Mr. Ekaphong Lauhatiansind (Advisor). The Meeting was convened to discuss important matters regarding
the endorsement of the draft of AYQON Terms of Reference and the election for the next mandate executive committee members.

During the Roundtable Meeting, the draft of AYQON Terms of Reference was duly adopted and endorsed with a slight modification and the Meeting managed to reach a consensus that the next mandate executive committee members consisted of representatives from ASEAN member states namely: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The Meeting expressed appreciation to Malaysia for the successful completion of the 3-year term as President of AYQON and congratulated Cambodia, for assuming the Presidency of AYQON working with the new team of executive committee for the next three years (2020-2023). Indonesia will serve as the Secretary replacing Thailand that ended its term this year also.

And furthermore, the 2019 AYQON Forum held in conjunction with the ECM, the forum indicated trends, opportunities and challenges for Higher Education 4.0 in ASEAN
e.g. TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training), student and employee mobility in ASEAN, STEM Education (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and expected skills of graduated 4.0 (Creative, Innovative and Smart). It was important for quality assurance agencies to adapt their own QA system in the era of 4.0 as well.


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